Our services with a focus on high quality

Modellbau Freyer has an expertise in design and illustrative modelling. Our area of specialization is the packaging development.

We manufacture design and illustrative models, mock-ups and dummies in the desired standard and scale - solid or hollow, unique or in series, acrylic glass or high quality plastics, transparent or coated. By combining quality craft work with state of the art CAD/CAM technology almost everything is possible.

Our state of the art technology

The setup of machines and software applications in combination with hand craft skills and long lasting experience of our team guarantees the on schedule production of models in the required size, precision and desired surface quality. 

Next to our conventional machines we invested in the following technology over the past years:

  • 1x 3D-Printer Projet 660Pro 370x250x200 mm
  • 2x CNC 4-axes Milling Machine 1000x1000x430 mm
  • 1x CNC Turning Machine
  • 3x CAD/CAM Work Places (VISI, Rhinoceros, ZW3D)


By using our 3D printer ProJet 660Pro we are able to deliver prototypes within 1-2 days. The printer has a large printing space to produce larger models without cutting them. Furthermore, the productivity improves when multiple smaller models are manufactured in one print. The ProJet 660Pro is the best full color printer on the market in its category of application.


Since 2005 Modellbau Freyer operates at the factory premises of Duisbuger Modellfabrik, a century old model maker for the casting industry. Besides multiple synergies for both companies our customers benefit the most from our knowledge sharing.